Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How to telnet from ESX host

How to "telnet" from ESX host to check for port connectivity

If the ESX server isn't having telnet installed, follow the steps below:

1) Put the ESX CDROM into the server.
2) Type:  "mount /mnt/cdrom"
3) Type:  "cd /mnt/cdrom/VMware/RPMS"
4) Type:  "rpm -Uvh telnet-0.17-26.EL3.3.i386.rpm"
5) Enable the Telnet outbound firewall port


Search for the rpm file "telnet-0.17-26.EL3.3.i386.rpm" from the below link and download appropriate file for the OS.

and run the command

"rpm -Uvh file_name.rpm"

for example,

"rpm -Uvh telnet-0.17-26.EL3.3.i386.rpm"

If the telnet is already installed, ignore the above steps.

To check for the port connectivity, run the below command:

telnet ip_address port_id

for example,

telnet 1918

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