Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How to run EMC grab on ESXi ?

How to run EMC grab on ESXi ?

Download link for EMC GRAB for ESXi: ftp://ftp.emc.com/pub/emcgrab/ESXi/
Download link for EMC GRAB for ESX: ftp://ftp.emc.com/pub/emcgrab/ESX/


1) Open cmd in Windows machine from where the ESX/ESXi server is accessible.

2) Execute java -version command to verify that Java is installed properly or not. If you get the output of this command with the java version information, then the java is installed properly, otherwise you need to install Java first. If it is required to install java, you can download the latest version of JDK from www.oracle.com > Java > Java SE.

3) Change your current working directory to the directory where you have placed EMC host grab utility. Suppose you have placed the grab utility in the C:\ drive then the command would be:

C:\> cd C:\EMC-ESXi-GRAB-1.3.X

4) Below is the command to gather the EMC host grabs for VMware host. Keep the information ready with you for IP address, username and password of ESXi Server, IP address of SPA and SPB, username and password for all the storages attached to that host as this command may ask to enter these details.

C:\EMC-ESXi-GRAB-1.3.X> emcgrab.exe –host <IP_Address_of_ESXi> -user <username_of_ESXi> -password <password_of_ESXi> -vmsupport

5) It will ask you to enter some information related to the customer site like name, address, site id etc. and after entering all the information, host grabs gathering process will start with “………………” and you will get cmd prompt back after some time. Let the command run properly.

6) Output will be saved under the folder name as “Output” in the same directory where you have placed ESXi host grab utility in your Windows machine. The output file will be in .zip format. In this case the path would be “C:\EMC-ESXi-GRAB-1.3.x\Output”