Friday, August 2, 2013

ESX 3.x Commands - Setting VMkernel Default Gateway

Setting VMkernel Default Gateway

Command Options:
/usr/sbin/esxcfg-route -h
esxcfg-route [ [] |
can be specified in 3 ways:
* As a single argument in / format
* Or as a pair.
* Or as 'default'
-a|--add       Add route, to the VMkernel,
requires (described above)
and gateway IP address
-d|--del       Delete route from VMkernel.
Requires (described above)
-l|--list      List configured routes for the VMkernel
-r|--restore   Restore route setting to configured values
on system start.
-h|--help      Show this message.
If no options are specified then it will print the default gateway.
The default gateway can be set directly as : esxcfg-route

Add a route to network through
esxcfg-route -a
esxcfg-route -a

Set the VMkernel default gateway of
esxcfg-route -a default

Delete a route from the VMkernel:
esxcfg-route -d

To see the default gateway of VMKernel

To set the default gateway of VMKernel

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