Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How to configure Distributed Power Management on ESX server

Configure Distributed Power Management on ESX server

For Configuring Distributed Power Management first IMPI / iLO settings needs to configured & tested per ESX server.

Configuration of IPMI / iLO Settings.

1) Go to ESX server configuration & click on Power Management under software settings.

2) Click on Properties to configure the BMC Settings.

3) Provide the user name, password, iLO ip address & iLO MAC address for the ESX host.
IPMI / iLO configuration can be obtained from iLO login screen (HP Onboard Administrator).


4) Also change the NIC speed to auto negotiate, as some of the iLO cards supports 100 Mbps speed.

5) Check for Wake on LAN compatibility for all network adaptors for each ESX host.

6) Once all these settings are done we can test the IPMI / iLO configuration.
Prior to test the IPMI / iLO configuration evacuate all the VMs running on the specific ESX Server.

7) Once the VMs are evacuated from the ESX Server right click on the ESX server & click on Enter Standby Mode.

8) Host Placed in Standby Mode.

9) Cluster Summary once the host is in DPM mode.

10) Power on host using IPMI / iLO Settings.

11) Once power on command is sent it will use IPMI / iLO Settings to power on the Blade Server.

12) Once the blade is powered on it will show the normal status of the ESX server.
Now once the host is powered on, it will show the cluster HA configuration host failure tolerance is 1 host.

13) Now once the IPMI / iLO testing is successful we can configure the Cluster to be DPM enabled.

14) Right click on the cluster & click on edit settings.

15) Now go to Power Management. Prior to actual implementation, change the settings to Manual mode.

16) This will enable to DPM feature but will not execute any recommendations. It will just provide the recommendations & Administrator can execute those manually.

17) Once the Administrator is comfortable with the recommendations he can change the settings to automatic & adjust the DPM threshold level according to requirements.

18) Now click on host options & check the status of the ESX servers.
As of now DPM is showing as disabled as the cluster is not enabled with DPM feature. But you can see the last standby exit time & result as succeeded.

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