Sunday, March 2, 2014

Virtual to Physical (V2P) migration using PlateSpin Migrate 9.3 - Step by step guide

Virtual to Physical (V2P) migration using PlateSpin Migrate 9.3 - Step by step guide

Discovering Source Machine in Plate Spin

1) Log in to the PlateSpin server with domain account or local system account privileges.

2) Open the PlateSpin Migrate Tool “PlateSpin Migrate Client” and click on Actions -> Discover Details.

3) "Discover Details" window opens up
a) Enter the “Host Names & IP Addresses – Use Semicolons” field with Server name of the source machine and its IP Address
b) Select the Machine Type as "Windows"
c) Enter local system account credentials in the "Credentials" field.
d) Click on “Discover”.

4) Discover windows pops up. Once virtual machine is discovered, click on “Close”.

5) Discovered virtual machine gets listed in the "Servers" view pane.

Discovering Destination Machine in PlateSpin Migrate

1) Log in into the Destination Machine (physical) through ILO.

2) Go to Remote Console –> Integrated Remote Console –> Mount the Windows "PlateSpinBoot.isoimage. (Download the PlateSpin boot ISO image from Novell Downloads)

3) Command prompt opens up and it prompts for PlateSpin server URL.

4) Enter PlateSpin server URL as "http://platespin_server/platespinmigrate" and click “Enter”.

5) Enter user name of "platespin_server" and click “Enter”.

6) Enter password of "platespin_server" and click “Enter”.

7) Choose available NIC card and enter the digit associated to the particular NIC Card and click “Enter”.

8) Enter the IP address, subnet mask and default gateway and click “Enter”. (to get the physical server available in network)

9) It prompts for below details:
        a) “Host name for current server” – [Default] Leave it as blank
        b) “SSL Encryption on your plate spin server” – type ‘n’ [NO]
        c) Plate Spin Server Network – [Default] Leave it as blank

10) Physical server detects the network card and identifies the IP address and registers with PlateSpin server.

11) Click refresh button in PlateSpin tool and wait for some time till Physical server detects in PlateSpin Migrate tool.

Copying Workload from Virtual to Physical

1) Right click on the virtual machine  and click “Copy”.

2) Action wizard opens up – Select the target machine on Action wizard.

3) Click “start wizard” and "Conversion wizard" appears. In the "Conversion wizard", Enter the source machine credentials and click “Test”.

4) Click “Next” and Select Transfer method as “Block Based” and again click “Next”, "Network Identification" wizard appears.

5) In "Network identification" wizard, enter the destination host name and domain admin account credentials in “Domain credentials” column and click “Next”.

6) "Ethernet NIC Configuration" wizard opens up. In networking section, select the NIC card and enter the IP address of destination machine.

7) "Clean up VMware tools" section appears. In "Clean up VMware Tools", enter the system account credentials to clean up activates and click next.

8) "Volume configuration" windows opens up. In "Volume configuration" window,  Keep the default settings and click “Next”.

9) "Physical disk configuration" wizard appears. In "physical configuration" window, change other drives to Disk 2 (depends on your requirement) and click “Next”.

10) "Service configuration" window appears. In "Service configuration" wizard, disable the unwanted services and click “Next”.

11) "Transfer services" window opens up. In "Transfer services" wizard, select the unwanted services that needs to be stopped during transfer and click “Next”.

12) "User Post Conversion Action" window pops up. In "User Post Conversion Action" wizard, keep the default settings and click on “Advanced”.

13) In "Advanced" option. Select the disk drives option and change the other drives to disk 2.

14) In "additional items" wizard, keep the default settings and click on “next”. Below screen appears. Click start to initiate conversion process.

15) Conversion process initiated.

16) On "starting job" wizard, Click “Hide” and go to jobs in PlateSpin migrate tool.

17) Conversion process completed.


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